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Great Sex: Have Better Sex And Make Her Scream Every Night! We do not store files, we index the content of other sites. What would it feel like to know you had a simple plan put in place that added more passion, energy and predictability to your sex life? Do orgasmic PDF think she’ll want to do it, tonight?

Il est des femmes qui n’ont jamais été surprises et emportées par la vague orgasmique. Lisa est l’une d’elles. À l’aube de la quarantaine, elle décide de partir à la conquête d’une jouissance désespérément convoitée, ardemment désirée, mais qui s’obstine à se refuser à elle. Pourquoi ? Seule la réponse à cette question sera libératrice. Gérald RUAULT, natif de Saint-tropez, a déjà écrit deux romans et un recueil de poèmes et chansons. Aux côtés de Bernard Weber, Richard Bohringer et nicolas Rey, il a collaboré aux nocturnes littéraires dans le Var. co-fondateur de l’association “À l’emporte-Phrases”, il multiplie les concerts littéraires dont il se sert pour promouvoir une écriture libre, sensible et décomplexée. il réside à cogolin, dans le Var.

Note: Gals, I’m writing this for our guys, so they understand the potential of our multi-orgasmic nature. How different would your life be if you suddenly felt more masculine, more powerful, because you aren’t walking around with that core disappointment from never getting enough sex tainting everything you do? And I’d also like you to imagine being able to open your woman, and reveal, in the privacy you two share, her burning turn-on, her lust, her inner slut, her desire —for the man who gives her indescribable satisfaction. The truth is, there are plenty of places you can find information about sex, but this closely guarded secret stroking technique, I call Expanded Orgasm, has been held by a precious few for too long. Internet, what I’ve been privately empowering a select few men and couples who can afford the time and money in small workshops for nearly 20 years. What if you could drastically improve your sex life in just three weeks simply by stroking your woman just right, so that she goes into orgasm and stays there for 5, 10 even 30 minutes of linked, multiple orgasmic ecstasy? Expanded Orgasm is not just for those super orgasmic woman who can have a bunch of multiple o’s all in a row.

When you do a really good job giving your woman incredible orgasms, she’s going to get so turned on she’ll want you to do this to her over and over, which gives you boundless opportunities to play with her erotically in all kinds of new ways. Are you ready for me to thoroughly brief you on the concept of Expanded Orgasm now? Just fill in your email address below. When you get the email from me, Dr.

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