Noël Pasquier PDF

This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 14 November 2018. There are 207 noël Pasquier PDF remaining until the end of the year. Emperor Theodosius II marries Aelia Eudocia.

Pope John VIII recognizes the Duchy of Croatia under Duke Branimir as an independent state. Henry II, a cousin of Emperor Otto III, is elected and crowned King of Germany. First Crusade: The Siege of Jerusalem begins. Troops of the Republic of Venice capture Udine, ending the independence of the Patria del Friuli. Spain and Portugal sign the Treaty of Tordesillas which divides the New World between the two countries.

The Petition of Right, a major English constitutional document, is granted the Royal Assent by Charles I and becomes law. Louis XIV is crowned King of France. 1,600 people are killed and 3,000 are seriously injured. Richard Henry Lee presents the « Lee Resolution » to the Continental Congress.

French Revolution: Day of the Tiles: Civilians in Grenoble toss roof tiles and various objects down upon royal troops. David Thompson reaches the mouth of the Saskatchewan River in Manitoba. The newspaper Gazeta de Buenos Ayres is first published in Argentina. The Great Reform Act of England and Wales receives royal assent. Asian cholera reaches Quebec, brought by Irish immigrants, and kills about 6,000 people in Lower Canada.

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