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Napoleon is a historical miniseries which explored the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. The miniseries was produced by GMT Productions in France and monsieur de Saint-Futile PDF-produced by Transfilm in Canada and Spice Factory in the UK.

The series begins with Napoleon on Saint Helena. Hudson Lowe, the British governor of the island, repeatedly demands Napoleon show his presence. Although there is no explicit mention of this, it is assumed that Napoleon is reminiscing about his past successes to Miss Betsy, as it is revealed at the end. The story begins with his meeting of Josephine de Beauharnais, his future wife and Empress. Filming took place in Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Morocco and Switzerland.

Upon its release, it was the first television series to be broadcast simultaneously in all the participating European countries. However, when originally broadcast in the United States, it was edited down to a running time of three hours, as opposed to the original six hours. Russian lines, and Napoleon’s sending of his Imperial Guard grenadiers into action. The fourth episode begins with the retreat of half-frozen French soldiers in the bitterly cold Russian winter while being attacked by mounted Cossacks.

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