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Manage, copy, burn and customize disk images. World Cup 98 is the first official FIFA World Cup game developed by EA Sports after obtaining the rights from FIFA in 1997. The main feature of the game is the World Cup tournament itself, where the player may use either the actual groups used in the finals, or groups composed of a random selection of the 40 included teams. Each match takes place in a recreation of the venue it was played in the actual tournament. The game was released prior to the actual World Cup, therefore results between CPU teams are not based on results from the actual tournament. At the end of each match, a caption shows the man of the match award, and if applicable a clean sheet caption.

It is also possible to play friendly matches between any of the teams that are included in the game. At the end of a drawn game the player can choose to finish the match as a draw, play extra time with the golden goal rule, or take part in a penalty shootout. As in FIFA 98, national squads can be customised to reflect the actual tournament’s players by including players from a reserves pool in the « customise » option. The « World Cup Classics » mode allows the player to play fifteen classic FIFA World Cup matches. The 1982 match is unlocked by winning the « World Cup » mode, and by completing each unlocked game, the next one is unlocked in the order shown below.

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