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For the transfer of business or IT processes into a nearby country, see Nearshoring. The littoral zone is the part of a sea, lake or river that is close to the shore. In coastal environments the littoral zone extends from the high water mark, which is rarely inundated, to shoreline areas littoral 12 PDF are permanently submerged.

Au fil de l’année 2012, l’auteur se rend dans douze villes du littoral, entre Zeebrugge et l’île d’Yeu. Le poème qui s’écrit en XII chants au fil de ce périple n’a pourtant rien du carnet de croquis ni de la déambulation touristique : il relate au contraire une lente traversée intérieure, une plongée souvent agitée dans un paysage aussi géogra¬phique que mental, où planent l’ombre des dieux anciens et les durs travaux du songe. Abordant pour la première fois l’écriture poétique, Anne Calas a composé avec Littoral 12 une singulière épopée contemporaine, d’une tension exemplaire : un chant féminin où s’affrontent dans leurs ténèbres et leur lumière propres les figures bouleversées du désir.

It always includes this intertidal zone and is often used to mean the same as the intertidal zone. The use of the term also varies from one part of the world to another, and between different disciplines. For example, military commanders speak of the littoral in ways that are quite different from marine biologists. The adjacency of water gives a number of distinctive characteristics to littoral regions. The erosive power of water results in particular types of landforms, such as sand dunes, and estuaries. The word « littoral » is used both as a noun and an adjective. It derives from the Latin noun litus, litoris, meaning « shore ».

The doubled ‘t’ is a late medieval innovation and the word is sometimes seen in the more classical-looking spelling ‘litoral’. The littoral zone of an ocean is the area close to the shore and extending out to the edge of the continental shelf. The intertidal zone of a beach is also part of the littoral zone. Estuaries are also in the littoral zone. Look up littoral in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. In oceanography and marine biology, the idea of the littoral zone is extended roughly to the edge of the continental shelf. Starting from the shoreline, the littoral zone begins at the spray region just above the high tide mark.

Seawater penetrates these elevated areas only during storms with high tides. Organisms here must cope also with exposure to fresh water from rain, cold, heat and predation by land animals and seabirds. It extends from the spring high tide line, which is rarely inundated, to the spring low tide line, which is rarely not inundated. The wave action and turbulence of recurring tides shapes and reforms cliffs, gaps, and caves, offering a huge range of habitats for sedentary organisms. The sublittoral zone starts immediately below the eulittoral zone. This zone is permanently covered with seawater and is approximately equivalent to the neritic zone.

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