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This 1936 Berenice Abbott photograph of Union Square shows the S. Klein On The Square, or simply, S. Klein, was a popular priced department store chain based in New York City that is now defunct. Klein started to build new suburban stores in the 1960s dustin Hoffman. PDF in an unusual way.

Instead of being an anchor store in the regional malls being built at the time, S. Klein would often build as an outparcel near, but not connected to the mall itself. Most stores were located in New York and New Jersey in the greater New York City area. By the mid-1970s the parent company of S. By 1978 the last of the chain’s stores would close.

While there is little trace of S. Klein today, a significant part of the signage was still in place at its former location in downtown Newark, New Jersey until its demolition. S Klein, On The Square » complete with their neon carpenter’s square logo was still intact as of 2012. 68 Clinton Street, New York City. The entrance now leads to Pig and Khao, a Filipino restaurant. Due in part to its reputation for bargains, S.

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