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This article needs additional citations for verification. Every hash function with more inputs than outputs will necessarily have collisions. Since it must generate one of 2256 outputs for each member of collision PDF much larger set of inputs, the pigeonhole principle guarantees that some inputs will hash to the same output. If there is an easier method than this brute-force attack, it is typically considered a flaw in the hash function.

Un bateau entre ciel et terre. Un musée entre rêve et mémoire. Un ancien réservoir entre ville et rivière. Un parc entre chien et loup.
Les pièces courtes qui composent ce recueil puisent toutes dans l’histoire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Mais les temps s’y télescopent et les rencontres sont de pure fantaisie. C’est que l’histoire est toujours re-création, représentation de l’à-jamais enfoui dans l’épaisseur des murs et des mers, des sables et des os défaits de leurs chairs.

Une invitation au voyage vers soi, vers l’autre,
pour encore oser la rencontre, toujours oser la traversée.

Cryptographic hash functions are usually designed to be collision resistant. But many hash functions that were once thought to be collision resistant were later broken. MD5 and SHA-1 in particular both have published techniques more efficient than brute force for finding collisions. Collision resistance is desirable for several reasons. In some digital signature systems, a party attests to a document by publishing a public key signature on a hash of the document. If it is possible to produce two documents with the same hash, an attacker could get a party to attest to one, and then claim that the party had attested to the other. In some proof-of-work systems, users provide hash collisions as proof that they have performed a certain amount of computation to find them.

If there is an easier way to find collisions than brute force, users can cheat the system. In some distributed content systems, parties compare cryptographic hashes of files in order to make sure they have the same version. An attacker who could produce two files with the same hash could trick users into believing they had the same version of a file when they in fact did not. Lecture 21: Collision-Resistant Hash Functions and General Digital Signature Scheme ».

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